Welcome to the MG Car Club Switzerland

We introduce ourselves

Foundation and purpose of the MG Car Club Switzerland

Already 18 years after the MG CAR CLUB England, some enthusiastic MG drivers of Switzerland founded the MG Car Club Switzerland in 1948. Today, about 600 members with about 1000 vehicles are registered with the club.

The purpose of the club is mainly the continuation of the MGs, their maintenance, restoration, exchange and especially the preservation of technical knowledge. Within the framework of the social events, camaraderie and helpfulness in case of technical problems are encouraged.

Events and Event of the Year

In accordance with the annual programme, several events are held in different regions of Switzerland. Excursions lead to attractive, unknown regions of Switzerland and to nearby foreign countries. The Event of the Year on a weekend is the highlight and the best visited trip of the year.

Regional Tribes

On a regional level, the MG Car Club Switzerland promotes personal contacts among its members. The basis of regional events is the monthly meeting, the tribe. This is where people chat, talk shop, marvel and much more. Many a useful tip from a MG colleague is passed on to the tribe. Contact persons and locals are listed in the SignPost, the NewsLetter and on our homepage.

Vehicle Register

The MG Car Club Switzerland keeps several model registers. The aim is to register all vehicles of a certain MG model series in Switzerland. Registrars have specific technical and historical knowledge of the cars in their register. They archive the data and, if possible, develop further activities.

Miscellaneous Club Bodies

The SignPost is the official club organ and reports about the club's activities and events at home and abroad. Articles about the history of the MG brand as well as about maintenance, care and restoration of older vehicle types promote the level of knowledge. The SignPost is published three times a year.

The homepage www.mgcc.ch is the public figurehead of the MG Car Club Switzerland. Members and interested parties quickly receive the latest news via this channel.

International Relations

The MG Car Club Switzerland, as an Overseas Centre, is affiliated to the MG Car Club England, like various MG Clubs on all continents. This brings together 40'000 members worldwide. The main activities are coordinated in Europe, as well as the annual European Event, which is organized by the European Clubs. A Swiss delegation will not miss this interesting event.

Membership in federations

The club is affiliated with the MG Car Club Ltd. in England as Overseas Center. In addition, the MG Car Club Switzerland is a member of the umbrella organisation Swiss Historic Vehicle Federation, (www.shvf.ch). This association includes more than 100 classic car clubs with over 10'000 members. It represents the interests of the owners of historic vehicles vis-à-vis the legislator, is generally committed to the preservation and care of classic cars and trains experts for the FIVA Identity Cards. Thus the MGCC Switzerland is able to offer competent FIVA experts to its members.

Club- Membership

Every MG enthusiast, whether or not he is in possession of a MG, can
apply for membership. If the partner has the same place of residence, he or she can also join a partner membership.