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MG MMM Prewar Register

Roland Müller, mmm.register@mgcc.ch Phone: 062 797 63 30

New logo since 2019
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MG Y-Type Register

Vacant , y.register@mgcc.ch

New logo since 2020

The MG Y-Register collects the data of all still existing cars of this series, gives technical information, helps with tips and tricks and organizes every now and then a ride with this underrated MG - model.

Unfortunately this register is orphaned. Therefore the board of directors of the MG CAR CLUB SWITZERLAND is looking for a committed MG Y - driver, who will take care of this interesting MG type. Ideally, he knows something about the technology or can provide appropriate specialists.

If you bring all that with you - great! But it is also enough if you enjoy the MG Y, get involved and get to know the material. We would like to tell you more about it and help you to build up the Y-register.

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MG T-Type Register

Martin Kraft, t.register@mgcc.ch Phone: +41 79 401 89 14

Logo T-Register
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MG A Register

Kurt Strähler, a.register@mgcc.ch Phone: 033 221 87 87

From the register

The primary objective of the Helvetic MG A - Register is to record the MG A's existing in Switzerland, regardless of whether they are registered or unregistered vehicles. The database contains all available information about the vehicle as well as pictures. Currently, the complete data of about 130 vehicles are registered.

Technical documentation and addresses of technical specialists are available on request. Prospective buyers can obtain comprehensive purchasing advice for the initial assessment of a vehicle. If desired, we can put you in touch with a specialist who knows the vehicle type exactly and can assess its condition.

The type history of the M.G. A is extremely well documented and probably more or less known to anyone interested. In bookstores and antiquarian bookshops several good books on the history are available.

If you are interested, we plan joint trips and other events.

The events are advertised in the dates.

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MG B Register

Peter Vogt, b.register@mgcc.ch Phone: 061 411 16 34

MGB Register

The MGB was built from 1962-1980 in a total number of around 512,000 units. From 1965, in addition to the roadster, there was also a coupe version as the GT, which accounted for about a quarter of production. The MGB was offered in more than 40 different colors over the years. The models were divided into three series, the first MGB rolled off the production line as Mk I until 1966. From 1967 the MK II was produced, which was replaced by the Mk III in 1972. This was then called until the end of production, but at the end of 1974 it was again significantly changed with the new rubber bumpers. Thus purely optically four model variants stand out.
The MGB Register of the MGCC Switzerland takes care of the concerns of the MGB owners and keeps a register of registered vehicles. The whole history of the MGB is well documented in numerous books. Inquiries from interested parties are gladly answered. The register also organizes trips with MGBs in Switzerland and is also in contact with the MGB register in England. The dates of the trips are announced on the homepage.

Happy Birthday MGB!
The MGB celebrates its 60th birthday this year, which will be celebrated with a special meeting in Gaydon, England on September 25, 2022. Details of the event are available at www.mgb60.com.

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MG C Register

MarCus Bründler, c.register@mgcc.ch Phone: 079 708 93 63

From the register

Dear MG C driver, dear MG C driver,

More than forty years have passed since the first MG Cs rolled off the production line in Abingdon.

Most of the 6-cylinder MGs produced in 9002 went to America including Canada (approx. 3500), the second largest part went to England, the rest was distributed to the rest of Europe and a relatively small share to Australia, New Zealand and a few other countries. On the European continent, a very large if not the largest share - and this is no joke - fell to Switzerland. It is estimated that this was at least 300 vehicles, maybe a little more.

Always standing a little in the shadow of its predecessor - the Austin-Healey 3000 - the MG C's have found a very broad and loyal following. Accordingly, the MG C Register has set itself the task to register all MG C & MG C GTs in Switzerland (independent of a membership at the MG Car Club).

Since the beginning of the collection in 1991, about 260 MG C & MG C GT have been added to the list and more are being added continuously. I would be very pleased if you could fill out the enclosed form and return it to the MG C Register together with a photo (paper 13x18 or digital at least 2400 x 1600 pixels; from front right or left).

The activities of the MGC Register contain:

- Keeping the MGC (Roadster) & MGCGT (Coupe) vehicle register with registration of all MGC models available in Switzerland, regardless of whether they are registered or not.

The MGC & MGCGT with a V8 engine are also covered.

- Archiving and exchange of model-specific historical or technical data.

- Technical support & assistance in the search for hard to find spare parts

- Organization of activities (cultural & technical), meetings & excursions

- Register-Stammtisch (currently on hold)

- Contacts with MGC register of foreign MG Car Clubs

- Coordination for participation in events organized by MGC register of foreign MG Car Clubs.

- Communication & information about the Register and activities via Signpost, MG Car Club Newsletter, MG C Register Newsletter, MG Car Club website.

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Newsletter 2020

MG V8 Register

Andreas Gloor, v8.register@mgcc.ch Phone: 061 641 76 09

New logo since 2019

On the occasion of the General Assembly of MG Car Clubs Switzerland, which took place on Saturday, April 6th in the city of Olten, the new logo of the V8 register was presented.

At this point I would like to thank our webmaster Kim Lamminger and his graphic designer for the creative support and design of the new logo.

Every beginning is difficult for the development of a logo, because it shouldn't be copied from somewhere, but should be new and an eye-catcher. I wanted to use a typical part of a V8 MG as the basic element. At first I thought of a picture of the engine or the engine block. But only Kim had the idea to use the typical shape of the MG B GT V8 air filter. Graphically prepared and simplified this was very well received. Further we used the sign of the Swiss club and used ``V8`` and ``Register`` in clear writing. I hope you like our new logo.

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MG Midget Register

Beat Dürig, midget.register@mgcc.ch Phone: 031 711 29 11

From the register

The long-standing plans to introduce model registers were implemented in 2004. Since November 2006, the midget register has been managed by Beat Dürig.

The main aim of the register is to record all midgets of the years 1961 - 1975 that are located in Switzerland. On the one hand the club members are contacted, on the other hand there is an active advertising at meetings, be it a brand meeting or a vintage car meeting.

The objectives of the Midget Registry will include

Registration of all midget models available in Switzerland, whether enrolled or not.
Purchase advice for future midget owners
Technical information and assistance with problems
Getting to know each other within the club excursions of the MG-Car-Club Switzerland (also possible for non-members).
The data will be determined and collected by means of a questionnaire. The data provide information about registration, chassis and engine number. Furthermore a photo is archived. We would also like to record the condition of the vehicle, which is declared by the owner.

The Midget Register is still young and needs to develop. Possibly at a later date own rides will be organized.

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MG ZR/ZS/ZT Register

vacant zrst.register@mgcc.ch

MG F/TF Register

Klaus Erdbories, f.register@mgcc.ch

From the register

On the occasion of the MG F/TF meeting in Liechtenstein, the new logo of the register could be presented. The logo was designed by Urs Stoll based on the English Register logo.

The basis is, as I said, the logo of the F Register in England, which Tim Morris, the director of the Register, has provided us with: thank you very much. The English logo was designed by none other than Gerry McGovern. As you know, he was the designer of the MGF and now works for the Land Rover Group.

The following articles are currently available:

- Logo stickers on paper (not waterproof)
- Logo sticker on transparent film for sticking on the inside of the windscreen (not waterproof)

The participants of the 2nd MG F/TF meeting in Liechtenstein also received a key ring: the logo is lasered into an octagonal glass body. On request I can have a small series made again (Fr. 20.- per piece).

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