Resolution of the General Meeting of Shareholders on 11 April 2015


The statutes are written in masculine form and are of course also valid for

female persons.

I. Name, seat and purpose

1st name

Under the name of MG Car Club Switzerland, hereinafter referred to as MGCC, a

Association for an indefinite period according to Art. 60 ff. ZGB.

2nd seat

The seat of the MGCC shall be the respective place of residence of the President.

3. purpose

- The MGCC is a politically and denominationally neutral association, which unites owners and friends of historical and modern vehicles of the brand MG.

- Its purpose is the preservation of these vehicles, it organises social events, provides its members with technical advice and supports them in the procurement of spare parts.

- The MGCC supports the regional and linguistic diversity of Switzerland in the formation of the tribes, the composition of the board and the selection of the

special attention to venues.

- The MGCC manages regional tribes.

- The MGCC keeps registers of the individual MG types.


II. membership

4. types of membership

- The MGCC consists of individual, partner and honorary members.

- All members have the same rights and obligations and the same voting rights.

- The voting right is not transferable.

- The membership is neither saleable nor inheritable.

5. individual member

Any natural or legal person who owns one or more MGVs can become an individual member.

or feels in any way connected with the name MG.

6. partner members

- Partner members are persons living in the same household with a single member who

own one or more MG vehicle(s) or are in any way associated with


- Partner members do not receive separate publications.

7. honorary member

- Persons who have rendered outstanding services to the MGCC may, upon application

of the executive committee by the general assembly as honorary members.

- Honorary members are, enjoying all rights and duties, free of charge.

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8. acquisition of membership

Members are admitted on the basis of a declaration of accession.

9. end of membership

a. The membership in the MGCC ends:

- If a member resigns by giving written notice to the Secretariat, the end of

of an accounting year, subject to a 1-month period of notice.

- By expulsion or death.

b. A member can be excluded from the MGCC at any time,

- if it does not meet its financial obligations despite a reminder.

- if it repeatedly violates the statutes of the MGCC or decisions of the

of the board or the general meeting.

- if it damages the reputation of the MGCC.

The executive committee decides on the exclusion of a member; the appeal body is the

General Assembly. This decision is final.

c.< Folgen des Austrittes oder des Ausschlusses:

- If a member withdraws from or is excluded from the MGCC, the following expire

so that all rights and obligations of membership. You have access to the assets of the association

no claim.

10. association membership

- The club is affiliated with the MG Car Club Ltd. in England as Overseas Center.

- The board of directors may, upon application to and decision of the general assembly, further

Joining special purpose associations.


III. organization

11. organs

a. The organs of the MGCC are:

- The General Assembly

- The Management Board

- The auditors

b. The fiscal year of the MGCC is the calendar year.

12. the General Assembly

- The supreme body of the MGCC is the General Assembly.

- The ordinary general assembly takes place in the first trimester of the following year


- Extraordinary General Meetings are held at the written request of one of the

Fifth of all members of the MGCC or by resolution of the Board

is carried out.

13th invitation

- The Board of Directors shall invite the members of the MGCC at least four weeks in advance.

- The invitation is issued in electronic or written form and includes the


14. transactions of the general meeting

The business of the General Assembly is:

1st roll call

2. election of the scrutineers

3. approval of the minutes of the last General Assembly

4. approve the annual report of the President

5. mutations

6. approval of the annual accounts

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7. decharge allocation to the responsible bodies

Eight elections:

- The Management Board

- The auditors

9. determination of the contributions

10. approval of the budget

11. motions of the members:

- These must be submitted in writing to the President of the MGCC by 31 December

must be submitted.

12. statutes; establishment and amendments

13th honors

14th annual programme

15. varia

15. chairing the General Assembly

- The General Assembly is chaired by the President of the MGCC or in his

Absence of a person designated by the Board of Directors.

- Minutes shall be kept of the discussions and resolutions.

- The minutes shall be brought to the attention of all members in an appropriate form.

16. votes, elections

- Resolutions are adopted by a simple majority of the members present and entitled to vote

members were arrested.

- In the event of a tied vote, the President or his representative shall have the casting vote.

- Votes and elections are open, unless the meeting is held by secret ballot.

Implementation decided.

- In elections, the absolute majority decides in the first ballot, from the second ballot on

the relative more.

- All members are eligible for election.

17. the management board

- The Management Board consists of at least three to a maximum of seven persons with the following


a. Presidium

b. Finances

c. Secretariat

d. Representation of the tribes

e. Representation of the registers

f. Foreign countries (Overseas)

g. Editorial office, media

18. term of office of the executive committee

- The Board of Directors, which is responsible for the management of the MGCC, is constituted, with the exception of the

President, himself and is elected at the General Assembly for a period of one year.

was chosen.

- Candidates for the board of directors must be at least

belong to the MGCC for one year without interruption.

19. powers and responsibilities

- The Board of Directors implements the decisions of the General Assembly, deliberates and decides on all

transactions that are necessary to protect the interests and information of the members and to

serve the purpose of the MGCC.

- It arranges the management of its business in its own competence, prepares the financial plan,

works out specifications as far as necessary and is authorized to make individual

to entrust members of the board or special committees with specific tasks.

If necessary, members of the MGCC who are not members of the Board of Directors may also be elected to

be consulted in an advisory capacity.

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- It shall adopt material and financial conditions for the implementation of

Trips and events of the MGCC and the regional tribes and registries.

In particular, the financing (full cost accounting for non-members) is to be ensured by

contributions from the MGCC.

- The Board of Directors shall determine the rules for legally binding signatures for the MGCC.

Normally, the President, in conjunction with the person in charge of the case, signs


- The number of board meetings is determined by the board. The board of directors has a quorum,

if at least half of the members are present.

- Decisions in the executive committee are made by a simple majority. In the event of a tied vote

the President shall decide by casting vote.

- The meetings of the board of directors shall be recorded in minutes and, at the request of the members

to be visible.

- All members of the board are eligible for re-election at the end of the regular term of office

(but not obliged to accept re-election). There is no

Limitation of term of office.

- The Board of Directors is entitled to appoint a member who resigns during the term of office

(except the President). He shall reimburse this at the next

General Assembly Report.

20. compensation

All members of the board perform their duties on an honorary basis.

21. auditors

- The General Meeting of Shareholders elects two persons to serve as auditors.

- Members of the auditors may neither belong to the board of directors nor be partners of a

Be a member of the board. They audit the annual financial statements in pairs for the attention of

General Assembly and report to it in writing.


IV Finance and liability

22nd revenue

The revenue of the MGCC is composed of

- Members' annual dues

- Admission fees for new members

- special contributions decided by the General Assembly

- Investment income

- Income from association activities of any kind

- Patronage contributions

- Grants and donations

23. amount of the annual contributions

- The General Assembly decides annually on the following contributions:

a. Individual member (max. CHF. 200.-)

b. Partner members (max. CHF. 150.-)

c. Admission fee (max. CHF. 150.-)

- honorary members, the members of the board of directors, the regular members and other

Officials at the request of the executive committee, are free of charge.

- Members who join as from 1 July of the current financial year shall have a

to pay a quarterly graduated annual contribution.

24. assets

- The financial resources of the MGCC are used:

a. To cover the current administrative costs

b. For contributions to other organisations

c. To realize events which are not exclusively financed by entry fees

be covered.

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- Members who resign or are expelled from the association shall have the following claims on the association's assets

no claims whatsoever.

25. liability

- The MGCC is liable for liabilities only with its assets. Personal

Liability of the members is excluded. The right to claim damages is reserved.

in tort.

- The MGCC is generally not liable for accidents.

26th Fund of the MGCC

- The admission fees serve to accumulate a fund that is used for special purposes in accordance with

decision of the General Assembly.

- The purpose and withdrawal from the fund assets are determined by the

Board of Directors of the General Assembly Proposal.

V Final provisions

27. amendments to the articles of association

An amendment, addition or total revision of the statutes can only be made on the occasion of a

General Assembly (or Extraordinary General Meeting) with the approval of a

decisions shall be taken by a three-quarters majority of the members present and entitled to vote, provided

it has been announced as an item on the agenda with the invitation to the General Meeting.

28. dissolution or merger

- The dissolution or merger of the MGCC can only be carried out at a meeting convened for this purpose.

General Assembly and requires for its validity a resolution of the

Three-quarters majority of the members present and entitled to vote.

- In the event of dissolution, the General Assembly also decides on the use of

of any existing assets.

- The board of directors elected at that time shall carry out the liquidation or merger within the framework

of the decision of the General Assembly.

29. entry into force

The revised statutes were approved at the AGM on 11 April 2015 and come into force immediately.

in force. They replace all decisions of the MGCC that contradict them, in particular

Statutes of 15 April 2000.

Olten, 11 April 2015

MG Car Club Switzerland

The president: The secretary:

Martin Kraft Walter Stucki