Major European MG Events

Datum: 1 January 2020

1. Sommer-Stamm AG

Datum: 25 June 2020

MG European Event of the Year 2021

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Datum: 4 August 2021
Ort: Würzburg

Cheese, Mills en MGC 3 – 6 september 2020

In collaboration with the Dutch MGC register and the MG carclub Nederland we are organizing a MGC event in the Netherlands. In recent years there have been a number of similar events in Europe, but this is the first time in the Netherlands. What you can expect : A location that is easily accessible for

Datum: 3 September 2020

Aargauerfahrt, ST Aargau

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Datum: 20 September 2020

Ausfahrt / sortie C-Register

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Datum: 26 September 2020

BCM Morges

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Datum: 3 October 2020
Ort: Morges

Ausfahrt / sortie V8-Register

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Datum: 11 October 2020